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When to book a newborn session

Hopefully you are reading this before your precious new arrival has made their debut appearance because the earlier you book your newborn session the better. An ideal time to book your session is following your 12 week dating scan.

Although you have no way of knowing when your baby will arrive I pencil in your due date and ensure that I leave availability for a session before your baby is two weeks old whether your baby is early, late or perfectly on time.

The more notice I have the more flexible I am able to keep myself. Booking early is great too because it allows me time to plan a bespoke session just for you. Any excuse to shop for new props and pretty little bonnets.

Due to the level of flexibility needed as a newborn photographer I also have to limit the number of newborn bookings I take per month so if you leave booking until your baby arrives I may not have the space to fit in a session.

If you are further along in your pregnancy or your baby has just arrived and you haven't yet booked your session don't worry. Get in touch as soon as possible. I will always do my best to accommodate you. You could even join me for a maternity session.......

Bye for now, V xxx

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