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World Breastfeeding Week 2017

As many of you are aware June was Breastfeeding awareness month in Wigan. To celebrate I ran breastfeeding mini sessions to help you lovely breastfeeding mamas document this special time. I can honestly say I have loved every session. Now as World Breastfeeding week is coming to an end and all my clients have chosen their favourite images it seems the perfect time to share some of the beautiful moments we captured and help normalise breastfeeding.

The thing I enjoy the most about these sessions is the uniqueness of every family that comes through my door. Although these sessions are relatively short it’s amazing how much I learn about each family in such a short time and how each one takes a permanent little place in my heart. I mean look at those eyes, how could you not fall in love?

Every breastfeeding session is different and is usually entirely dictated by how the little VIP feels on the day. Although you and I may have set ideas of which images we want to achieve your little one may have totally different ideas but this can often result in the best candid images. I prefer to capture the perfect moment for you rather than focusing too much on posing you and your baby.

When I get toddlers in the studio who are breastfed we can try and be a little more adventurous in the poses we capture however I do have to remember who is the boss during these sessions and it certainly isn't me!

This session was so much fun and Esmé was the star of the show but I think we can all agree that Jodie, mummy blogger at looks AMAZING!

Here is why Jodie came to me and what she had to say about her breastfeeding session.

"My little girl Esmé was born weighing just 4lb 11oz. I had decided to breastfeed her after being disappointed that my feeding journey with my eldest daughter Niamh ended at just 2 months. There wasn't the same support available then. Breastfeeding Esmé just suited us and despite stumbling blocks such as tongue tie, mastitis etc I am proud to say that we got to two years and we are going strong. I had come across Victoria's images on Facebook and I loved their clean, timeless feel. I really wanted to capture our journey in a way that was beautiful yet tasteful and Victoria didn't disappoint. She helped me to pose in a way that flattered me and was wonderfully patient with a very mischievous Esmé. Breastfeeding, to me, has been about creating a bond like no other. At a time when she was being tested for all kinds of syndromes and growth disorders, I wanted to be her constant....her security. Our images have frozen in time those moments of connection".

Another inspirational lady who came to visit me was Louise who is a breastfeeding peer support worker at Breastfeeding Together who offer fantastic support for Wigan's breastfeeding families. You can find more information about their services at

Louise brought Albie for his session at five weeks old and he was a little grumpy when he arrived and hadn't exactly given her a stress free morning but all was forgiven when milk was offered and he turned into the perfect little model.

I first met Louise as a child as our mums were, and still are friends but we lost touch as you do and ended up back in contact as "grown up's" because of her position with Breastfeeding together and my job as a newborn photographer. It was Louise who inspired me to run these sessions so I am honoured she came to me for her own. She has an extremely balanced and realistic view on breastfeeding that has developed through her own experiences and the families she supports. Here's what she had to say in regard to her journey.

"Breastfeeding didn't come easily in the past for me so I was prepared for it to be hard from the start. When Albie came along he fed really well and our journey so far has been lovely. Breastfeeding is a beautiful bond and so much easier than making bottles. I love how he looks up at me as he feeds. Although it's tough sometimes I know these moments won't last forever and need to be cherished".

Any ages are welcome to join me for a breastfeeding session and I have decided to make these a permanent session that I offer as a result of their popularity. You can book your session online through the website.

Here are a few more images for you to enjoy and some top tips from Louise at Breastfeeding Together for your breastfeeding journey.

  • Don't be afraid of asking for support and information.

  • Lots of feeding and skin to skin cuddles the first few weeks is good for building up milk supply.

  • A good support pillow is a must.

  • Don't compare your baby to others, they are all so unique.

  • Look after yourself, eat and drink well. Rest when you can and leave the housework, it can wait.

  • Enjoy your baby!

In the next blog I will share a little more on what to expect from a breasfteeding photoshoot, how to prepare or a photoshoot and my personal journey with my twins.

Bye for now, V xxx

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