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Why we do Christmas in October and 7 reasons you need to join us!

Meet Father Christmas at CAM Photography.  Wigan Based Studio with Parking
Christmas Photoshoot Wigan Photography Studio CAM Photography

It may seem absolutely ludicrous that we are now advertising our Father Christmas Meet and Greet in July but there is good reason I promise!

The main reason being that Father Christmas (the real one obviously) is a VERY busy man! He is waaaaay too busy in November and December to come to the studio so the best time for him to visit us is in October before he starts his busiest months. We also can't be greedy and are only able to borrow Father Christmas for two days as he needs to visit lots of other people too. Our Father Christmas Meet and Greet is running on Friday the 21st and Saturday the 22nd July and at the moment we do still have some spaces available.

Running the Meet and Greet on October also allows us to ensure that any prints, high resolution digital images, canvas or wall art you order are all ready and with you in plenty of time for Christmas. This also means that if you would like to order any photo gifts for family such as Christmas baubles using your images you will have plenty of time to do so!

Top Seven Reasons you need to come along for a Christmas Photoshoot!

  1. The look on your little ones face when they meet the main man! This one is absolutely priceless.

  2. Having your children meet Father Christmas in October and tell him what they would like him to bring for the big day allows you plenty of time to collaborate with him to ensure that what they would love the most is under the tree on Christmas morning.

  3. It is lots of fun for the whole family. Father Christmas is great at making not only the kids laugh but parents too! He also isn't shy so if you would like a sit on his knee yourself you will be more than welcome!

  4. You can purchase magical gifts for grandparents, friends and family that they will display for many Christmas' to come

  5. The whole family can get involved and a family portrait makes the most wonderful Christmas card!

  6. Your children will receive a little gift to use on Christmas eve.

  7. Last but not least. You can make it a tradition. We offer Christmas sessions every year at our Wigan based Photography studio and have lots of families that join us each year and seeing hoe much families grow and change over the years is the most magical part of all.

If you would like to know more about our 2022 Father Christmas Meet and Greet at CAM Photography Wigan you can do so by clicking on the button below.

By for now, V xxx


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